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Lately, life feels hard.  World events feel overwhelming.  Inequalities are growing.  Rising costs and inflation are stressful.   Our mental health is struggling and sometimes we can feel more alone than ever.  Some days, we may wonder how we got here and where we go next – will things get better?  Yes.  Better is possible.

At the University of Guelph, we are committed to working together in our common goal: improving life in our community. Every dollar and every donor are important to the people in our community and on our campus. If you haven't donated previously--welcome and those returning to make their pledge--thanks for your ongoing support.

It’s time for better.  It’s time to build on yesterday.  It’s time to show up and move forward – for you, for your neighbours, for your friends and family.  The impact and urgency of issues like declining mental health, isolation, food insecurity and inequity demand us to be better. We can be better.  Each contribution and action will make a difference and fuel community change. Let’s help each other live better lives.  Thank you for your support of the University of Guelph Retiree campaign.

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